Why use a professional communicator?

First impressions count. A document littered with spelling errors, ineffective writing and incorrect grammar reflects poorly on your organisation’s image. It suggests that your work is sloppy and that you don’t care enough to ensure your document is easily understood or error-free. Its message might be garbled or lost completely, and if so, then there really wasn’t any point to producing your document in the first place.

A professional communicator works with you to make sure your message is clear and easy to understand. We will help you refine your message, remove errors and ensure your document is written in a way that is easily accessible to your target audience.

It’s economical, too. We charge a flat rate of $90 + GST per hour for all our services. The length of time a document takes to prepare depends on many factors. To provide an accurate quote we will need a sample of the document to be edited or an outline of the text to be written.

As a guide, it takes about

  • one hour to proofread 1000 words ($90 + GST)
  • two hours to copyedit 1000 words ($180 + GST)
  • two hours to research and write a 500-word article or media release ($180 + GST).

The above figures are estimates only and are not a quote. Contact us to discuss your requirements.